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Trash Free Waters Art Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 Trash Free Waters Art Contest! 

1st Place.png

1st Place: Fishing for Trash Free Waters by Helen Munnelly

2nd Place:  Discarded Line by Jennifer Boileau

3rd Place:  Sunrise on the Delaware by Stephanie Janiec

Honorable Mentions:

A Walk Along the Brandywine by Paula Brown

Before Us by Fred Brown

A Morning in the Pine Barrens by Dante del Vecchio

Contest Theme

The Delaware River Basin provides drinking water to over 13 million people and habitat for countless animals. But every day, litter and debris from land-based activities make their way into local waterways, such as the Delaware River and its local tributaries. This aquatic trash can negatively affect those waterways through recreational impacts, wildlife harm, and water quality changes.  

The goal of this art contest is to bring awareness to the problem of aquatic trash and highlight the ways people can help be part of the solution. Submissions should relate to the theme of Trash Free Waters, and the overall goal of reducing the amount of trash entering local waterways. To learn more about this effort, visit


Thank you to our Art Contest Sponsors!


This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement #99398516-1 to Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. The activities supported by this funding do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency

This project was financed in part by a Federal Coastal Zone Management Grant provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with funds provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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