River Festival Brand Assets

Need a logo, colors, or other information for branding purposes on your social media posts or website? All the necessary files and information is conveniently located here.


The logo comes in two formats: single colored (black and white), or full color and as a .png or .jpg. These files are best suited for online content, however if you need the vector file please contact us.

Brand Colors

Our brand colors come in two sets: primary and secondary. Like much of the website, the primary colors are used as the focus and the secondary colors are used as accents. Accent colors are meant to be used sparingly.

Primary Colors


R: 28  G:117  B:188


R: 0  G:174  B:239


R: 199  G:234  B:251

Secondary Colors


R: 248  G:153 B:29


R: 185  G:82  B:159


R: 166  G:206  B:57

Brand Fonts

We use two fonts that are easily accessible by anyone: Chivo and Calibri. Throughout this website we primarily use Chivo, however on some occasion we have used Calibri as a supporting font.

Chivo Bold, 52px is used for headings.

Chivo Bold, 30px is used for sub headings.

Chivo light is used for body copy. Typically we use 19px throughout the website, however size adjusts based on design.

Chivo is available on Google Fonts and Calibri should be a default font available on most operating systems.